Rambler roses ‘Ghislaine de Féligonde’ und ‘Perennial Blue’ seen growing together on a large Classic Garden Elements ‘Garden Obelisk I’.

Small rambler roses such as ‘Ghislaine de Féligonde‘ und ‘Perennial Blue‘, depicted here, are ideal for taller rose obelisks and rose pillars. Here they are seen growing together on the park version of the Classic Garden Elements ‘Garden Obelisk I‘.

The ‘Sweet Laguna’ climbing rose on a Classic Garden Elements rose obelisk.

At the Kordes show garden in Sparrieshoop, the long canes of the ‘Sweet Laguna’ climbing rose are trained spirally on a Classic Garden Elements ‘Charleston’ rose pillar obelisk.

Richly Coloured Rose-Lined Path with a ‘Charleston’ Garden Obelisk

A pathway lined with a colourful array of pillar-supported climbing roses (from right to left): ‘Laguna’, ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘Eden Rose 85’, and ‘Constance Spry’. In this garden courtyard in the Taunus area near Frankfurt, the roses bloom simultaneously from the base of the obelisk to the top. The secret is to train them to grow […]

A rose obelisk in full splendour

The stunning ‘Laguna’ climbing rose by Kordes Rosen (1995) on a Classic Garden Elements round ‘Garden Obelisk I’ at the town hall garden in Worms. The large blooms appear in thick clusters in intense magenta pink. Containing up to 55 petals, the bud is round and thick, and opens up as a shallow cup with […]

Rose-Planted Garden Obelisks on Rhine Promenade in Worms

obelisk for climbing roses

‘Charleston’ Garden Obelisks by Classic Garden Elements with the ‘Aloha’ climbing rose and Hidcote Blue English lavender on the banks of the Rhine in Worms. The distinctive ‘Charleston’ Garden Obelisk by Classic Garden Elements’ planted with the Kordes Climbing Rose ‘Aloha’ (2003). This romantic rosette-shaped flat rose stands out with its densely packed petals and […]