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All planters are made from steel tubing and steel bands. Hot-dip galvanized and powder coated black. Most RAL-colours are available. Other sizes made to order. For Versailles Planters combined with Rose Arch, please refer to our free standing Rose Arches Brighton or Portofino.

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Product Details Versailles Garden Planter

These ‘Versailles’ Garden Planters are made from 1.57” (4 cm) steel tubing and steel bands. The finials are cast iron solid balls. All hot-dip galvanized and powder coated black. Most RAL-colours are available. The inset removable liner is made of hard plastic. Other sizes made to order. 10 years guarantee against rust.


Historic French-Style Caisses de Versailles Square Garden Planters

A timelessly attractive alternative in galvanised steel to classic planters made of wood, terra cotta or synthetic materials – suitable for gardens, balconies, rooftop  gardens and patios.

Choosing the right garden planter for specific plants is an essential task for every gardener. To ensure that you get a perfect match, there are various points that you will wish to consider. You will rightly take into account the aesthetic impression a garden planter makes. And you will also want a product which is both practical and horticulturally beneficial. Garden planters are available in different materials – metal, wood, terracotta, synthetic materials – or combinations of materials. Garden centres are packed with trendily shaped, gaudily covered garden planters so that it is easy to be overwhelmed. Yet are they really alternatives to the classic, timelessly elegant Italian and French models which for centuries have set the standard of good taste in our gardens?


Classic Garden Elements offers a select choice of distinctive garden planters. Like our widely-admired support frames for roses, these planters have been inspired by historical models and creatively reinterpreted. Our Caisses de Versailles, a replica of the wooden planters in the Orangery of the Sun King, Louis XIV, are said to “look as if they’re made of wood”. In fact, however, they are manufactured completely from welded steel profiles and curved steel bands. They are also hot-dip galvanized and powder coated, ensuring that they are durable and give lasting pleasure. These planters also have a sturdy plastic removable liner, which, if necessary, makes it easy to move plants to winter quarters while the iron planters can remain outside during the cold season. For public spaces in towns and cities we also offer longer-legged planters, which makes it easier to move them with a fork-lift or sack-barrow.


Classic Garden Elements garden planters are available both square-shaped and rectangular, and in different sizes

The collection includes a variety of classical models in standard sizes, a much larger model for parks, and the practical planter with integrated support frame, an increasingly popular design which can serve both as a space divider and as a privacy screen. Should you wish to have one or more planters of a different size from our standard models, we will of course be happy to make them to order. Our classical Versailles Planters are suitable for gardens and patios, for open urban public spaces, and for country houses and holiday homes. They can add a note of sophisticated elegance to the entrance of a private house, a shop or a restaurant.


We supply all of these models in the RAL colour of your choice. Colour can often define the character of a property, whether it is the colour of the shutters or a garden fence. Planters which use the same colour can reinforce the general effect. Feel free to speak to us if you wish to have your garden planters painted a colour that you already use for something else.


Square Planters Versailles
VersaillesSmall PlanterLarge PlanterPlanter ParkLong Planter
Item No.R16R23R24R17
Height16'' / 40 cm20'' / 51 cm26'' / 66 cm16'' / 40 cm
Width13'' / 32 cm17'' / 44 cm23.6'' / 60 cm2'8'' / 80,2 cm
Depth13'' / 32 cm17'' / 44 cm23.6'' / 60 cm13'' / 32 cm
Weight30 .lbs / 14 kg44 .lbs / 20 kg99 .lbs / 45 kg44 .lbs / 20 kg
Technical drawingPDFPDFPDFPDF
Price incl VAT:330,00 £450,00 £690,00 £430,00 £



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