A ‘Raubritter’ climbing rose with a profusion of pink blossoms in the stately Spa Gardens of Baden Baden.

‘Raubritter’ (Kordes, 1936) is a frost-resistant rose with rounded, cupped, silvery-pink flowers. For about three weeks in early summer it produces rich clusters of blooms with a truly enchanting fragrance. A real eye-catcher! After blooming, however, it tends to decline and there is risk of flower balling and mildew. A ‘Raubritter” easily reaches a height of 2.5 metres if its long thorny canes with their grey-green foliage are attached to a support frame. The photo shows the rose scaling a metal garden arch in the Rose Garden at Baden Baden. Otherwise, it is an excellent ground-cover rose that will grow up to 90 cm high and 250 cm wide. According to Peter Beales, it thrives when planted close to water

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