Treillage Trellis

Splendid, profusely patterned Wall Trellis for Roses, Clematis & Sweet Peas
Above all, vigorously growing climbing roses revel in the stability of these Trellises for Walls – graceful iron relatives of the rather rural trellises made of wood. Unlike their wooden counterparts, metal trellises require no complex annual treatment with semi poisonous protective agents. The 3.94’’ / 10 cm gap between wall and trellis allows air to circulate freely and precludes the development of humidity. To help with an easier cut, rose shoots should always be fastened to the front of the Trellis and not be made to grow through it.

Structures made from 0.79'' / 2 cm steel tubing and steel bands. Hot-dip galvanized and powder coated black. Hooks provided for a recommended wall-trellis distance of 3.94'' / 10 cm. Click here to view two photos of those special Hooks. And click here to get a drawing of how to place those special hooks

Treillage Trellis
Item No.: R9-3* R9-4 R9-5
Height: 6'7'' / 200 cm 4'3'' / 130 cm 1'7'' / 50 cm
Width: 18''/3'3'' 46/100 cm 3'3'' / 100 cm 3'3'' / 100 cm
Depth: 0.79 '' / 2 cm 0.79 '' / 2 cm 0.79 '' / 2 cm
Weight: each: 24 .lbs 7 11 kg 33 .lbs / 15 kg 11 .lbs / 5 kg
GBP: 550,00* 290,00 150,00

* Available in packs of two. The indicated price is for two pcs


Wall Trellis - Treillage Trellis
Grafik von Wandgitter und Spaliere Grafik von Wandgitter und Spaliere Wandgitter R9-1 weiss
Treillage Portal Wandgitter mit Kletterrose Wandgitter mit Kletterrose Wandgitter mit Kletterrose
Treillage Wandgitter in Irland Treillage Kombination Wandgitter Treillage in Irland
Treillage Kombination zwischen Fenstern Treillage Kombination zwischen Fenstern
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