Garden Obelisk II

Garden Obelisk for Clematis and English Roses
A Garden Obelisk which re-evokes the grace of the Belle Époque. The delicate design of this Garden Obelisk harmonizes particularly well with the elegant blossoms of the clematis and English roses. Stunning emphasis for a box parterre. Poetry for eyes tired of prose.

For small gardens Obelisks are a gift from heaven. They enchant with the least requirement of space, and add a fragrant dimension. Such beauties need a safe stand.  An anchorage in the concrete plug is, however, only necessary in locations particularly exposed to the wind or when planted with strong growing climbing or shrub roses.

Structure made from 0.59'' / 1.5 cm steel tubing and steel bands. 
Hot-dip galvanized and powder coated black. Pinecone finial cast in aluminium.

Garden Obelisk II
Item No.: R4
Height: 6'10'' / 210 cm
plus 14'' / 35 cm for securing to the ground
Diameter: 24’' / 60 cm
Width per Panel: 12'' / 30 cm
Weight: 40 .lbs / 18 kg
GBP: 330,00


Garden Obelisks - Garden Obelisk II
Obelisk II Obelisk für den Rosengarten Rosenobelisk Obeklisk II Obelisk für den Rosengarten Obelisk für den Rosengarten
Rosenobelisk II im Rosengarten Rosenobelisk II mit roter Kletterrose Rosenobelisk II im Schrebergarten Clematisobelisk
Rosenobelisk II auf Insel Mainau Rosenobelisk II im Rosarium Dortmund Rosenobelisk II mit Kelko Magyar dreiflügeliger Obelisk im Blumenbeet Obelisk II mit Geißblatt
Rosenobelisk im Sommergarten Rosenrankgerüst Obelisk II Rosenobelisk mit Kletterrose
Obelisk II mit weißer Clematis Obelisk II neben Rosenschirm Obelisk II in weißem Garten
Obelisk II mit Lavendel Obelisk II mit Rose Charles Austin dreiflügeliger Rosenobelisk dreiflügeliger Rosenobelisk
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