Garden Obelisk I

The evergreen of Garden Obelisks
Classic and robust Garden Obelisk. Lends height and form even to the smallest garden. When planted with roses, this Garden Obelisk will transform even neglected and dull corners into cascades of scent and colour. Either singly, in pairs or in groups, these Garden Obelisks will create attractive focal points in your garden. Placed at the edge of each site of a walkway, these climbing columns represent an effective alternative to a Rose Arch.

Climbing roses have a tendency to shoot upwards and remain smooth at the lower end. They will however blossom evenly from the ground up, when bound in a spiral around the Obelisk. The same is also true for shrub roses, which tend to grow straggly and unkempt. They lean their heavy, hanging blossoms gratefully against this column.

Structure made from 0.79'' / 2 cm steel tubing and steel bands. Hot-dip galvanized and powder coated black. Pinecone finial cast in aluminium.

Rose Obelisk I Garden Park
Item No.: R2 R2-S
Height: 7'4.19'' / 224 cm 9'10'' / 300  cm
for securing
to the ground
plus 8'' / 20 cm plus 1'7'' / 50 cm
Diameter: 16'' / 40 cm 21.7'' / 55 cm
Weight:: 44 .lbs / 20 kg 77 .lbs / 35 kg
GBP: 350,00 720,00


Garden Obelisks - Garden Obelisk I
Garten Obelisk I
Obelisk aus Eisen Gartenobelisken Gartenobelisken im Winter
Obelisk I im Showgarten Cordes Obelisk I mit Buff Beauty Obelisk I mit rosa La Villa Cotta Rosenobelisk mit gelber Kletterrose Rosenobelisk im formalen englischen Garten
Obelisk 1 mit Efeu Obelisk 1 mit Kletterrosen Obelisk im Wormser Rathausgarten Rosenobelisk im Rathausgarten Worms
Rosenobelisk auf Insel Mainau Rosenobelisk im Rosengarten am Rhein Rosenobelisk im Westfalenpark Dortmund Weißer Rosengarten
Ranksäule mit Rosen und Salbeien Obelisken im züricher Privatgarten English Garden Yokohama mit Obelisken
Rosenobelisk im Rosengarten Cordes Rosenobelisk im Rathausgarten Worms Obelisk mit weißer Rose in Yokohama Obelisk mit geleiteten Trieben Obelisk Detail mit Clematis Rosenranksäule
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