Beekman Trellis

Freestanding Trellis for Roses & Clematis
Placed directly in front of a wall the Beekman gives the impression of a wall lattice without it actually touching the wall. It can also be a beautiful focal point in the midst of a pastel coloured border. A solid anchoring spike permits the freestanding of this simple but fine trellis.

The stately mansions of the American East Coast and the Southern States have already known in colonial times superb gardens and parks inspired by and following their English traditions. Beekman dates from an 1860ties mansion at Beekman Hill, 50th Street near First Avenue, New York, New York.

This Trellis is made from 0.79'' / 2 cm steel tubing and 0.59'' / 1.5 cm steel bands. Hot-dip galvanized and powder coated black. Large spike provided for securing to the ground. Depending on your soil structure fixing into concrete may be advisable.

Beekman Trellis
Item No.: R31
Height: 6’6’’ / 198 cm
Width: 1'7'' / 50 cm
Depth: 0.79'' / 2 cm
Weight: 26.5 .lbs / 13 kg
GBP: 260,00


Garden Obelisks - Beekman Trellis
Grafik Beekman Rankgitter Beekman freistehendes Rankgitter Beekman freistehendes Rankgitter Beekman Rankgitter Beekman in Rüschlikon Rankgitter Beekman mit rose Kletterrose
Rankgitter Beekman mit Rimosa Rankgitter Beekman im Staudengarten freistehendes Rankgitter Beekman
weiße Clematis an Rankgitter Rankgitter Beekman im Vorgarten Rankgitter Beekman mit weißen Clematis
Rankgitter Beekman Detail Rankhilfe Beekman mit Clematis Rankhilfe mit weißer Clematis
Rankgitter Beekman mit Rose Florentina Rankgitter Beekman mit Rose Florentina Detail
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