Pergola Piemont

Italian Pergola made of Steel
Pergolas are architectural features bridging the space between house and garden. As the original Latin name, pergula, implies, they do not stand on their own, but are leaning with one side against the wall. Pergolas are excellent for training vines, wisterias and rambling roses on them.

Traditionally Pergolas are made of wood, meaning especially in our northern climes they will not last. The necessary treatment with usually poisonous chemicals is often made impossible once a climber has covered the Pergola. Furthermore the rustic character of wood will not reflect the more urban designs of most of our homes.

One option available are our finely shaped Pergolas made of steel. Heavy, solid, yet with that light appearance and combining extremely well with our homes, whether modern or traditional, urban or country.

Made of steeltubes, hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated in black. Other colours available. 10 years guarantee on rust.

Pergola Piemont / Basic Element (as seen on the picture to the right).
Depth 300cm. Height 300cm. Length 600cm. Altogether four Poles made of 8x8cm steeel tube and featuring a pinecone finial. The distance between each pole is at 160cm. The altogether 14 supports are made of steeltubes with a width of 4cm and a height of 8cm. The distance between these supports is at 42cm.

5.450,00 GBP, which includes our technical drawing and delivery to mainland UK.

Pergola Piemont / Follow Up Element:
710,00 GBP per one metre.

Smaller Pergolas of less than 600cm length:
1.200,00 GBP per one metre.

Prices mentioned above are for orientation only. Please do send us your requirements and we will come back with a technical drawing and an individual offer.
Garden Archways & Arbours - Pergola Piemont
Pergola Piemont Grafik Pergola Piemont Rund
Pergola Piemont Rund Pergola Piemont Rund Pergola Piemont Rund
Pergola Pfosten Befestigung Pergola Befestigung an der Wand Pergola Pfosten Befestigung auf Betonfundament Pergola Piemont mit Ramblerrose Paul's Himalayan Musk
Pergola mit Ramblerrose Belvedere Pergola Piemont auf Terrasse Pergola Piemont am Haus
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