Victorian Arch Kiftsgate

Traditional Rose Arch
Inspired by Victorian models this Rose Arch unfurls a touch of nostalgia. Covered with climbing roses this Rose Arch will create a romantic vision in your front garden. Impressive frame for vistas or a covered passage to a hidden garden.

“Like a door or a gate, Rose Arches can generate a feeling of joyful expectation. They need not be merely decorative but can give the garden a lofty dimension and, with romantic vistas and an abundance of flowers, unerringly draw the eye towards new and different areas.” Gisela Keil

The “Kiftsgate” model is named in honour of one of the most ravishing ramblers. We do however concede that rosa filipes “Kiftsgate” is best used on much larger than standard arches or, indeed,  for climbing into trees.

The Rose Arch is made of 1.5 cm (0.59'') steel tubing and steel bands. Hot-dip galvanized and powder coated black. Two pinecone finials cast in aluminium. The Rose Arch must be firmly secured to the ground using steel anchors in concrete. Eight galvanized steel anchors are provided. Please secure the help of an expert for the assembly and installation of this Rose Arch. Click here for details of the installation.
Click here for a photo of how to do it.

Victorian Rose Arch Kiftsgate
Item No.: R5-160-V R5-180-V R5-200-V
Height: 9'3'' / 282 cm 9'3'' / 282 cm 9'3'' / 282 cm
Width: 5'3'' / 160 cm 5'11'' / 180 cm 6'7'' / 200 cm
Depth: 1'7'' / 50 cm 1'7'' / 50 cm 1'7'' / 50 cm
Weight: 75 .lbs / 32 kg 77 .lbs / 34 kg 79 .lbs / 36 kg
GBP: 670,00 710,00 750,00


Garden Arches & Rose Arches - Victorian Arch Kiftsgate
Rosenbogen Kiftsgate Viktorianischer Rosenbogen Kiftsgate Viktorianischer Rosenbogen Kiftsgate Viktorianischer Rosenbogen Kiftsgate Viktorianischer Rosenbogen Kiftsgate Viktorianischer Rosenbogen Kiftsgate im Rosenpark Dräger
Rosentor mit Kletterrosen Rosenbogen mit weißer Rose und Frauenmantel Rosenbogen Kiftsgate im bunten Rosengarten Rosenbogen Kiftsgate in Yokohama
Rosenbogen mit Gartenstuhl Viktorianischer Rosenbogen Kiftsgate auf Insel Mainau Rosenbogen Kiftsgate im Schaugarten Kordes Rosenbogen Kiftsgate mit Kletterrose Marialisa
Rosenbogen Kiftsgate mit gelber Kletterrose Clematisbogen Rosenbogen Kiftsgate im English Garden Yokohama Rosenbogen Kiftsgate im Garden of Roses Clematisbogen
viktorianischer Rosenbogen mit Wicken Rosenbogen im Kordes Schaugarten Rosenbogen Detail mit Pinienzapfen
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