Wall Trellis

Wrought iron quality distinguishes these trellises from alternative plant supports. Even without plants they lend character and class to otherwise dull, vacant walls. Filled with blossoms they become the most beautiful link between house and garden.

Above all, vigorously growing climbing roses revel in the stability of these Trellises for Walls – graceful iron relatives of the rather rural trellises made of wood. Unlike their wooden counterparts, metal trellises require no complex annual treatment with semi poisonous protective agents.

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De Rigueur Trellis

Espalier Trellis

Treillage Trellis

Poundbury Trellis

Large Trompe-lil Trellis

Small Trompe-lil Trellis

Orangery Trellis

Large Modern Trellis

Special Modern Trellis

Small Modern Trellis

Exedra Trellis

Modern Trellis

Round Top Trellis

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